Stephanie McKee

Artistic Director
Junebug Productions
New Orleans, LA

“There are things I can get here that I can’t get in other places. I miss the food. I miss the ability to go listen to some good music, whether I have money or I don’t. It’s the kind of place that I can be fully entertained and not have a dime. It’s a place that has festivals almost every day inside a calendar year. What other place can you go to that’s like that?”

Ms. McKee is a performer, choreographer, educator, facilitator and cultural organizer born in Picayune, MS and raised in New Orleans. She is the founder of Moving Stories Dance Project, an organization committed to dance education that provides opportunities for dancers and choreographers to showcase their talents. In 2007, she was awarded The Academy of Educational Development/New Voices Fellowship, an award for emerging leaders. For the past 20 years Ms. McKee has been involved with Junebug Productions as an artist and educator. Most recently she served as Associate Artistic Director of the first annual Homecoming Project 2011, a place-based performance project that addresses the Right of Return and what home means to communities in post-Katrina New Orleans. In 2006, Ms. McKee was one of ten artists who collaborated to create the original production, “UPROOTED: The Katrina Project,” co-produced by Junebug Productions. As an artist and cultural organizer, Ms. McKee is deeply committed to creating work that supports social justice and aligns with the FST and Junebug legacy.