Monique Verdin

St. Bernard, LA

“Hopefully we will be able to adapt and something beautiful will be able to grow from here. But if I am here to witness the death of the land I want to make sure that the rights of letting go are honored and respected and that we pay tribute to it and enjoy it and appreciate it while it is here.”

Monique Michelle Verdin is a native daughter of southeast Louisiana. Her intimate documentation of the Mississippi River Deltas’ indigenous Houma nation exposes the complex interconnectedness of environment, economics, culture, climate and change. Her photography has been exhibited nationally and internationally, and is included in The Good Pirates of the Forgotten Bayous, Yale University Press (2008) and Nonesuch Records Habitat for Humanity benefit album Our New Orleans (2005). She received her bachelors degree in Mass Communication at Loyola University in New Orleans. My Louisiana Love (2012) is her first documentary film. Monique is a performer and designer for Cry You One.

Photo: Bear Hebert